A New School Year

With every new school year comes a period of adjustment. Children get used to new teachers, different classmates, or even new schools and new rules. Bedtimes are enforced again, and homework routines resume (hopefully). 

I hope dinner tables are still a place of family conversation. When I was growing up, dinner time was a treasured time when I had a chance to voice a concern, hear feedback, or have conversations that would help me make decisions I faced on the school bus, in the classroom, and in life. Sometimes family meal time would help me see the need for personal attitude adjustment toward people I encountered or situations I faced each day.

A good attitude can help make other adjustments easier. Do you know someone that is having trouble adjusting to a new school year? Listen to them. Talk to them. And if necessary, read Wrong Side of the Bed with them. Help them see they have the power to make each day the best it can be. 

Cheers to a great school year!