Time for an Attitude Adjustment?

Children’s authors are often encouraged not to write stories that are overtly strong in message or lesson, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

As a parent, I used books to help teach my own children important life lessons. As a teacher, I used them to help teach and reinforce many things.

Wrong Side of the Bed is one of those books that can spark good, fun conversation, but at the same time drive home some positive habits in behavior that will serve children well in life.

The main character is a boy with a bad habit. He makes a big deal of every little thing that happens during his day. On top of that, his wild imagination makes him believe things are far worse than they really are. 

His dad tells him he’s letting the “wrong side” get to him. (Not the wrong side of the bed, but the wrong side of his head!)

He also has a recurring dream of a tall wall at the side of his bed, which helps confirm he’s got an obstacle to overcome. His bad attitude, mixed-up perspective, and overreaction to situations are keeping him from having a pleasant day.

We all need a reminder that a good attitude is powerful— much more powerful than waking up on a particular side of the bed, and so much easier to control!

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Thank you for reading!